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Objectives: The new method of treatment by laser acupuncture was applied in some gynecological diseases. Laser ray was directed to acupuncture points in the vagina, using two pairs of points: at the lateral vaginal vault and in the vaginal orifice.

Methods: Patients with recurrence of the genital endometriosis (109), adhesive salpingitis (102) and inflammatory tumor of uterine adnexa (63) after written informed consent received with laser vaginal acupuncture. Patients with endometriosis were getting this method as a mono-therapy. In cases of inflammatory tumor of uterine adnexa acupuncture was applied in the preoperative period in combination with tauphon (the inhibitor of dopaminergic system). Patients with adhesive salpingitis were getting the method just after endoscopic salpingolysis. There were control groups of 50 patients in each category of disease. Statistical analysis was performed on clinical results, some laboratory tests, Ultrasonic Doppler and kimopertubation using method of variation statistics with Student´s t test.

Results: The absence of pain symptom was obtained in 81% patients with endometriosis. The duration of preoperative period in 74% patients with inflammation tumor was twice as short due to the reduced intoxication. The patients were in a better condition to receive the surgery. After combined treatment the patients with adhesive salpingitis had better contractile function of the uterine tubes compare with the control group (p<0.005).

Conclusions: The effect of laser vaginal acupuncture is due to the combination of the positive action of laser rays on local blood circulation, immunomodulation and reflexive response.

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Zharkin N.A. LASER VAGINAL ACUPUNCTURA // Успехи современного естествознания. – 2004. – № 11. – С. 34-34;
URL: http://natural-sciences.ru/ru/article/view?id=13673 (дата обращения: 21.10.2019).

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