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Kotenko V.V. Levendyan I.B. Kotenko D.V.

The extension and globalizations of terrorism manifestations in modern conditions demands new approaches to its nature research. It especially is important in view of significant ambiguity and uncertainty of known representations concerning terrorism nature. Perspective way of this problem solution is terrorism representation from creativity and knowledge processes virtualization positions. The basis of such representation is made with general model of scientific creativity process:


Where H [X], H [Y] and H [Z] - entropy of input data bands, solution ways and solution results accordingly. Condition of given model optimality is H [Z] = ∞. The researches spent in this direction allow receiving original approach. The concept "terrorism" is transferred to area of virtual representations where it is identified with some virtual image. The given image is formed by virtualization a defined notion which nature is well enough investigated. Only formal tags may carry out choice of such concept, in particular, by shared use with "terrorism" concept approved scientific researches, works of known scientists and politicians etc. Further it is considered, that the selected concept and concept "terrorism" form common virtual image and are its projections to reality. Thus one projection is known, and another is required, it opens possibility of required projection definition, i.e. concept "terrorism", by appropriate correction of known projection. One of this possibility implementation variant is possible to receive by virtualization of "communism" concept. Concept "communism" in this case is selected as a known projection of examined approach. Validity of such choice is supported with the following:

First, nature of communism is now well enough investigated and clear;

Second, the interrelation between communism and terrorism is marked even by Marxism classics, which are difficult for reproaching with bias.

Spent researches in a direction of required projection obtaining, defining terrorism nature, by correction of the known projection describing a nature of communism, result the following common hypotheses. Hypothesis 1: terrorism is the socioeconomic structure based on terror. Hypothesis 2: appearance of so-called scientific terrorism showing ideology of terror is possible. We shall underline, that the second hypothesis demands specification, in view of absence of the advanced theoretical and ideological base of terrorism as it takes place with reference to communism. Here terrorism obviously was lucky less as till now it was not found geniuses, as K. Marks, capable to put in pawn the theoretical base similar on its significance. Apparently, searches of this base explain efforts using in its role already known doctrines and even religion. In view of it we shall present a virtual situation. Let appear geniuses, capable to create the doctrine and ideology of terrorism, which will convince a lot of people. It is possible to imagine enormous tragically consequences, taking into account historical analogy of communism and Marxism. This is main danger to which the mankind should be ready. It defines importance and urgency of further development offered and similar to it approaches which will allow understanding nature and threats of terrorism more deeply that will help to eliminate historical possibility of given danger. The understanding of this importance induces authors and their colleagues to further researches development in the given direction.

The bibliographic list:

  1. Terrorism und Communism. Ein Beitrag zur Naturgeschichte der Revolution von Karl Kautsky, Berlin 1919

Работа представлена на конгресс с международным участием «Высокие технологии», 8-11 ноября 2004 г., г. Париж, Франция

Библиографическая ссылка

Kotenko V.V., Levendyan I.B., Kotenko D.V. NEW APPROACH TO TERRORISM NATURE RESEARCH // Успехи современного естествознания. – 2004. – № 11. – С. 111-111;
URL: http://natural-sciences.ru/ru/article/view?id=13748 (дата обращения: 19.11.2019).

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