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Active participation of the countries in the international technological exchange is a necessary condition of successful technical development, especially, in sphere of new hi-tech branches. The internationalization of manufacture represents the system of the relations connected with circulation of scientific and technical knowledge outside of national borders. This technological exchange means the knowledge passing in different languages as for direct production between counterparts from the different countries.

The «Diffusion of ideas» method becomes the most actual in modern innovative activity, involving «minds» from the various countries. The growing tendency to internationalization of innovations is the causes for participation in the international programs. The higher-priority directions are the organization of joint workings out and manufacture with participation of the foreign capital in last time, formation of constant cooperation communications. Due to these cases there is a significant problem connected to improving of mutual relations with foreign partners. Russians´ successes in the aerospace industry first of all are caused by Russian products are appearing on the world market not in the «brain drain», but by the ready competitive product export´s way by means of native and foreign innovative merging ideas.

To develop professional skills of the modern expert at high level the studying of last world novelties, workings out and innovations in the technical sphere is an extremely important. The Russian experts in aircraft engineering are widely claiming by foreign airlines at the moment: «BOEING» (USA), «PRATT&WHITNEY» (Canada), «SNECMA» (France). The quantity of joint projects with the foreign industrial enterprises and innovative activity are more and more increased in our country. The Russian regional project of the plane SUKHOI SUPERJET 100 is created in unprecedented close international cooperation. The Italian company «ALENIA AERONAUTICA» is the partner of the firm «SUKHOI». The project´s consult «BOEING» is the world aircraft engineering´s leader. More than 30 main foreign companies take part in this program that allows to develop the optimum ways for working out of the innovative project owing to «synthesis of minds».