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Now we live in the 21st century - century of constant changes. The Internet, technologies, mobile has changed our world. And now these changes are happening very fast. If radio had captured an audience of 50 million people for 50 years, TV made it for 30 years, the Internet - for 4 years, for twitter - just 2 years were enough.

Development of the Internet has led to the rapid globalization process, since in virtual reality the borders between states are erased. The process of globalization is evident not only in the social sphere, but also in the global economy. As a result of globalization, companies transfer their production to places, where it is less expensive and imports goods at prices lower than those established by local vendors. The Internet allows people to compare prices quickly and take advantage of the cheapest offer. Thus, the task of marketing is to find ways to maintain prices and profitability in connection with those trends. First of all companies should use «Earned» media channels - a symbiosis of Owned Media and Bought Media. You own and manage the content on its Web site, you are buying media advertising ... But it is time to «earn» site: build a community around the company - in social networks and beyond.

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