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Selection of adequate doses of magnetic field for medical common therapy is very important problem today. The functional mediate production of reactive oxygen radicals (ROR) is one of important homeostasis mechanisms. Therefore magnetic reactions of human organism we estimate by level of generation ROR with the help of high-sensitive and express chemiluminescent (CL) analysis. We estimate the dynamics of the quantitative content and functional activity of blood phagocytes from 303 patients (194 female and 109 male) with inflammatory diseases during the course of common magnetic field therapy (CMFT).

Research realized on the base of Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital № 1 and on the base of Immunology Sector of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre of Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science. The common magnetic field therapy realized with the help of the apparatus «MTA-1». Magnetic field was rotating, variable and low frequency (100 Hz) by induction of magnetic stream ­- 1 mTl, 0,5 mTl and 0,75 mTl. The production of ROR estimated on the start, after 5 procedures and after 10 procedures with the help latex-stimulated luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence by PC´s 36-th channel instrument complex.

The research shown that magnetic reactions of the blood phagocytes depended on doses of magnetic stream induction and had specific connected from sex. The common level ROR correlated with the level of magnetic induction (r = 0,79), whereas oxidative displacement which was registered by 92% patients was not connected to level magnetic induction. The prevalent effect of CMFT by magnetic induction 1 mTl was sharp strengthening of free radical production of blood phagocytes by patients of both sex (male and female). It was negative for patients with high start level production of ROR. This result is good for patients with low and normal start level production of ROR and must leave out if patient have high start level production of ROR because of it connect with risk of increase endogenous free radicals aggression. Men had more effective correction phagocytes low-activity with the help CMFT than women. Patients of the both sex had starting normal production of ROR which was safety during CMFT by magnetic induction 0,5 mTl and 0,75 mTl whereas by 1 mTl was increasing.

The starting high production of ROR was corrected by CMFT with magnetic induction doses less then 1 mTl. But for all that dose 0,75 mTl was more effective for women. Whereas men had reliable decrease of level generation ROR by doses 0,75 mTl and 0,5 mTl, at that we observed normalization of level generation ROR to 10 procedure by first dose and to fifth procedure by second dose. We did exponential models «dose - effect» with the help of the computer program «Statistic» (module «Nonlinear estimate»). According of this models more effective magnetic induction dose was 0,75 mTl in the 10-th procedure for 55% women and for 65% man. So the magnetic induction dose 1 mTl more effective for low level generation of ROR whereas 0,75 mTl is more effective dose for high level generation of ROR.