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Petrakovskiy I.A. Petrov M.N. Petrov I.M. Vohmin M.A.
Communication facilities up-to-date development is characterized by wide-spread adoption of mobile systems. This process has been developing so fast that the number of mobile phones users has increased by tens of millions against zero for latest fifteen years. At the same time the network of base stations is constantly spreading out too: nowadays the mean number of base stations in big cities amounts to thousands. As a rule all these stations appear and then are located spontaneously, chaotically, without any suitability or system. In consequence of free wild competition we often have such a situation when base stations of different companies or corporations are situated side by side or in a row. The only reason for their choice is quite clear: every company tries to be the first to occupy surroundings with minimum quantity of obstacles in signals ways in order to spread and extend signals throughout the maximum area or space. We have the same tendencies (when we operate optical waveband systems of communications or beacons).

It´s easy to notice that the large majority of receiver/transmitters are often set just on the roofs of dwelling houses. So people are really exposed to risk because frequencies these systems operated rate to 900/1800 mc-spectrum. This spectrum is extraordinary dangerous for people´s health (for example, its frequencies are those microwave ovens function). Based on above-stated we are aware of the fact that because of total setting of receiver/transmitters today we have a great number of environmentally perilous zones in lots of areas. These zones are a serious danger for inhabitants of the cities as well as for town people and rural population. As these innovate systems have appeared and are actively exploiting for last ten years only, their influence upon human being or human nature hasn´t been examined and studied yet. It´s obvious to make progress in this field of knowledge we must start researching and making up of electromagnetic geographical maps and optical bands maps.

Forthcoming creation of such maps is an urgent necessity of nowadays, that is directly connected with problems of ecology and environmental conditions. The negative influence of electromagnetic waves in bands of given communication facilities upon human health must be studied and taken into account equally with other perilous environmental (permanent or transitory) factors. Taking into consideration mass and total way of mobile systems´ adoption and spreading in places of pressure population density, an extra registration of electromagnetic and optical components in General Ecological Legislation as well as creation of environmental maps have become an urgent need today. It´s necessary to take every measure quickly and decisively because communication facilities are steadily making progress (the number of mobile-phone users is also rapidly increasing day by day). Up-to-date ecological legislation is rather poor, its improvement and gaining currency is the first step to fulfil the tasks we have changed ourselves with.

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Petrakovskiy I.A., Petrov M.N., Petrov I.M., Vohmin M.A. ON THE ISSUE OF GEOELECTROMAGNETIC ECOLOGY IN KRASNOAYRSKI KRAY // Успехи современного естествознания. – 2006. – № 7. – С. 79-79;
URL: https://natural-sciences.ru/ru/article/view?id=10965 (дата обращения: 24.07.2024).

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