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Зюбровская К.В. Васильченко А.С.

China and Russia are connected by one of the world´s longest common borders. Maintaining normal conditions on this border can best ensure peace and mutual beneficial cooperation. Mutual Economic Assistance between China and Russia will contribute to the development of trade and economic, scientific and technical ties. Let us consider the most important questions. Is it possible to perceive China as competitor to Russia in world markets? Russia has no competition from China, because Chinese and Russian economies are complementary. Russia has both resources and technological base, which China will buy so far. China needs vast Russian resources. Russia now understands that it has a chance to work with China to become one of the 5 major geopolitical centers in the world.

What, besides the resource base, can Russia offer China? This is the main issue for future cooperation. Because of joint educational project Russia is unlikely to raise China´s interest as the cultures are very different. Russia still has the technologies that are of interest to China. However, competition from the West will only increase.

Is China with its more than a billion populations a threat to Russia? We know what is happening on the border between China and Russia. There are 100 Chinese people per one inhabitant of Russia. And sooner or later, the Chinese will begin to migrate. That´s why Russia must fill its empty territory in the Far East or put a hard barrier to immigration. The goal of Russia: to find an ally to build a multipolar world. Russia understands: if Europe is connected with America, our country can not enter this strong union. Therefore, Russia continues to cooperate with China to keep at a distance, in case it also begins to show aggressive ambitions.

In conclusion it should be said that we should bear in mine all the above mentioned factors while building international relations with China and working with Chinese partners. China may become a constructive partner of Russian Federation.

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Зюбровская К.В., Васильченко А.С. МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЕ СВЯЗИ РОССИИ И КИТАЯ // Успехи современного естествознания. – 2012. – № 5. – С. 142-142;
URL: https://natural-sciences.ru/ru/article/view?id=30227 (дата обращения: 23.04.2024).

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