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Инновационный метод «ДингБэтс» в процесе обучения английскому языку

Баширова А.Р. 1
1 АО «Медицинский университет Астана»

Today the modern research themes are related with the necessity of a constant education system development. The problems concerning to the improvement of the level and qualitative professional education are always to be and will be actual. As a result people work outa lot of different methods and modes. There are two methods of teaching: a traditional and untraditional.

I would like to be more specific about the untraditional methods, in other words, about the innovative methods of teaching which help us to change our traditional way of thinking. The innovative methods of teaching form analytic skills and give the opportunity to have an accessible and qualitative education.

The aim of innovative methods is to create such methods and modes which raise the efficiency and productivity of teaching process. According to student’s opinions new methods and untraditional forms of teaching always awake their interest, motivate and even stimulate them.

Nowadays, on the one hand it becomes necessary to learn English language, on the other hand it’s also prestigiously. So there are a lot of different ways of studying. I think everybody will agree with me that the first and the most complicated problem which peopleface with, it is to learn as many new words as it is possible, I mean, to enrich the vocabulary and put into words all your feelings and thoughts.

I would like to tell you aboutinnovative method of English language teaching which is called «DING BATS». It’s a kind of picture puzzle where each picture represents a word, phrase or name.


The purpose of this method is to learn words, to develop the student’s attention, logic and thinking.

Concerning to the method of our research I used the method of questionnaire. I explained the method «DingBats» to 152 students in Astana Medical University. The students were provided by 5 exercises to do in small groups. After finishing the task they filled a questionnaire individually.

I could observe that during the explanation students understood the main point of method without any difficulty and most of them held down a task successfully.

The questionnaire contained 5 questions. The students had an opportunity to answer the questions and choose the variants, writing their own opinion.

According to our research:

92 % students consider that the method «DingBats» is interesting and entertaining;

79,6 % students answered that the method «DingBats» developing a logic, thinking and attention;

84,2 % students would like to use the method «DingBats» at the English lessons;

50 % students appreciated the method «DingBats» for its efficiency;

90,1 % students consider that the method «DingBats» made them think of the previously studiedwords (choose the correct synonym);

77,6 % students agreed the method «DingBats» training visual memory and spelling;

88,1 % students estimated that the method «DingBats» helped to learn new words as an additional support.

In the conclusion, I want to emphasize that the method «DingBats» can raise the level of efficiency in teaching, attract student’s attention and develop such qualities as a creative thinking, logic and easily enrich the vocabulary with interest.

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Баширова А.Р. Инновационный метод «ДингБэтс» в процесе обучения английскому языку // Успехи современного естествознания. – 2013. – № 10. – С. 17-18;
URL: https://natural-sciences.ru/ru/article/view?id=32911 (дата обращения: 23.06.2024).

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